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How Long Does The Condo Renovation Take?

Are you planning to renovate your condo? You should realize that you are about to start a time-consuming and challenging project. To understand the extent of disruption you might experience at home, it is paramount to know how long a condo renovation will take. So, how long does the condo renovation take?

Factually, no one has a one-size-fits-all way to determine how long a condo renovation will take. This is because every home renovation project has different elements and challenges. As a result of this, it can be quite difficult to determine how long a condo renovation will take.

On average, full condo renovation can last from one month to several months. The timeline will include preparation, demolition, framing, rough-ins, installation of fixtures, and finishing. Nevertheless, don’t assume; let your contractor give you a projected timeframe.

Factors affecting the duration of condo renovation

To decide how long a condo renovation will take, you must think about some important factors that can affect the timeline. These factors include:

· The size of the condo and scope of the renovation

Although all condos tend to be small, some are slightly bigger than others. Therefore, the size of the condo will come into play when determining how long a condo renovation will take. The full renovation of a 1,000-sq ft. condo will likely require about 30 days. However, a bigger apartment will require a longer timeframe.

In addition, the scope of renovation will also have an impact on the duration of the project. For instance, if there will be structural changes in the renovation, the project will require a longer duration than others without structural changes.

Therefore, as you try to determine how long a condo renovation will take, you should think about the size of the house and the scope of the renovation.

· Construction permits and HOA

In most locations, you cannot renovate a condo without getting construction permits and HOA approvals. Unluckily, the permits and approvals are not usually within your control. Even a seasoned condo renovation contractor may not be able to do anything about getting the permits. Therefore, if there is any delay with getting construction permits and HOA approvals, the timeline for home renovation may be affected.

· Weather

Regardless of the plans of the condo owner and contractor, weather can derail condo renovation. Rain, hail, snow, sleet, thunderstorm, and other weather elements can make it difficult for a contractor to work. Thus, they will increase the time required to complete the renovation.

· Discovery of more problems

As contractors are trying to renovate your condo, they may come across some problems with the existing structure. From water damage to cracked foundation and mold damage, tons of things could be wrong with the current structure. The additional problems will not only add to the cost of the renovation but will also increase the time it will take to accomplish the project.

Having considered the factors above, it will be easier for you and your contractor to estimate the time required to complete the condo renovation.

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