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Five benefits of fire-rated doors

Five benefits of fire rated doors

Fire-rated doors are an essential and integral part of HDB living in Singapore. Have you wondered why they are so important?

Not installing a fire-rated door could result in legal repercussions. Avoid legal pitfalls and speak with a reliable HDB door installer. Do your due diligence. Other homeowners can tell you about door installers they have hired.

The following are reasons to purchase fire-rated doors and why these are crucial for modern-day living.

What you should consider before installing fire-rated doors

Singapore has a large population, most of whom live in HDB apartments. Flat owners should protect their homes from potential fire-related issues. Without fire-rated doors, there is always a risk of a fire spreading rapidly throughout the building, putting lives and property at risk.

Several regulations govern HDB living. The first is the requirement to install fire-rated doors to prevent fires from spreading and protect occupants within homes.

Fire-rated doors are usually requirements for homes above specific floor levels. These doors can withstand fire and are an essential safety feature of several residential and commercial properties in Singapore. Fire-rated doors are made from steel, glass, or wood. Its design can reduce and prevent the spread of fire and smoke during a fire emergency. Always purchase a door that comes with a fire rating.

The most common fire rating levels are 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes. These numbers indicate the amount of time the door can resist fire before it disintegrates. Based on your building’s specific requirements, buy a fire-rated door with an appropriate rating. HDB fire-rated door installers advise purchasing a fire-rated door with a high rating for complete reassurance in an emergency.

The most common types of fire-rated doors are laminate or metal. Laminate doors are available in several colours and designs. Purchase a door after considering the decor of your home. A classy-looking door can elevate the look of your apartment. You can also find doors designed from veneer and glass. Each has its specific features and advantages. Homeowners should install the doors according to their personal preferences.

Five advantages of fire-rated doors

Fire-rated doors are an essential part of all HDB homes. The advantages of fire-rated doors are as follows:

1. Prevent the spreading of fire and smoke:

Fire-rated doors are designed in a way that helps prevent the spreading of fire and smoke and keeps them confined to a specific area. Fire ratings on the door indicate how long a door can withstand fire without disintegrating. Finding a door with the highest fire rating is essential for safety and peace of mind.

2. More evacuation time:

The fire-rated doors help slow down the spread of fire and smoke, it gives occupants time to evacuate the building safely in case of a fire emergency. Extra evacuation time is essential to ensure the safety of all individuals living in the building.

3. Protects valuable assets:

Everyone has valuable items in their home. In an emergency, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is to get their valuables and run for their life. A fire-rated door that allows you to get your valuables and evacuate can be a blessing in disguise. It’s a surefire way of protecting your assets and ensuring you can carry them in an emergency.

4. Fire-rated doors are durable and long-lasting:

These doors are designed after stringent checks. Materials used to build the doors are high quality and long-lasting. Their solid construction reassures property owners. The fire rating indicates that the buildings remain protected against fire hazards.

5. Limits the spread of toxic gas:

Fire-rated doors are not only for blocking out the flames but also help seal in the smoke and other harmful fumes from escaping. In a fire emergency, it is common for people to become disillusioned by the smoke. Most of the time, emergencies occur when someone inhales smoke and faints. The fire-rated door can help keep the smoke in one place and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the building.

The benefits of fire-rated doors indicate the critical role they play in ensuring the safety of the occupants and protecting the property.

Purchasing fire-rated doors for your home

  • Before you purchase fire-rated doors for your property, consider the material. The doors made from wood are rated at 30 minutes, and certain other models for 60 minutes. Remember, wooden doors prevent the fire from spreading but might not be able to withstand extremely high temperatures. Doors made from stainless steel are ideal for areas prone to intense heat and are rated for 90 minutes.
  • Ensure that the doors are installed to provide protection. The doors must be installed by a certified and licensed contractor in Singapore known for installing HDB fire-rated doors. The fire-rated doors must be installed at least one inch away from the wall to ensure proper airflow and fire prevention.
  • Once installed, you must ensure proper door maintenance. Clean the door to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust. Phone a professional to carry out regular maintenance checks. Several door suppliers provide maintenance for fire-rated doors.

If purchasing fire-rated doors for your home, keep these things in mind. Selecting the right door for your property will provide extra protection and reassurance.

As a homeowner, consider investing in a high-quality fire-rated door. When installing fire-rated doors in your apartment, rely on an authorized door supplier in Singapore. They will help you choose between standard size or custom design doors available at affordable rates.

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