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Our Top Picks For Landed Interior Designs in Singapore

Welcome to the world of top landed interior designs in Singapore, where luxury and elegance mix to create amazing spaces for heaven-like living conditions. Landed homes are the best canvases for interior designers.

With so much space, there is nothing you cannot try and do in terms of renovations and makeovers. Here you are liberated from the shackles of small spaces in HDB flat designs where you have to use every inch of the space to create a cosy home.

In landed interior design projects you can let your creativity run wild and play around with many design aspects that are impossible in smaller apartments.

Since you operate on a large canvas of your land property, you are not limited to the traditional lines of walls and the floor plan. In such buildings, architectural interventions can include the construction of additional spaces such as guest houses, garages, and terraces.

But with so much space comes responsibility and complex levels of experience and expertise. Mediocre ideas are not to be tolerated, and perfect living conditions are imperative both for tenants’ demands and for designers’ goals.

Like a painter working on a big canvas, designers have the demanding challenge of making harmony in the property with furniture and accessories without it ending up looking like a mess full of clutter.

So many options can certainly be intimidating and anxiety-inducing for homeowners. From many different styles to choose from, stress is imminent.

You can look for landed interior design ideas and lessons for inspiration on renovating your home.

Colour palette

Continuing with painter metaphors, the first on the list is choosing colour palettes. Colour is the basis on which the interior style is built. Choosing a colour with which the style will not match is catastrophic to the interior, so be wary of what kind of atmosphere you first want to achieve.

A bright, neutral colour scheme usually sits well with minimalistic and contemporary interior styles with white (and its hues) setting a powerful foundation for the accent colours to come in and spice up the room.

Also, these styles love contrasts, so do not be afraid to add dark colours to break the dullness of bright colour schemes and give depth and harmony to your home atmosphere. Scandinavian style also loves bright, neutral shades of white and beige hues.

But unlike minimalistic and contemporary interiors, this style loves natural elements such as wood in all of its glory, so colours with plenty neutral or soft tones with lots of woody accents are most welcome.

Industrial style comes in to break all the stereotypes and barriers with its stripped-down industrial feel. This style originated in factories and with a few tweaks and drops of elegance came in the contemporary homes to give an edgy and cool vibe.

Considering the origins of this style, you are liberated from thinking too much of colour schemes because industrial love bare elements, unspoiled with unnecessary paint coats.

But we don’t want your house to end up looking like a closed factory, of course, so accent colours are the way to go and enrich the industrial dullness of Gray and its similar tones.

Eclectic style in landed interior designs displays a style characterized by its bold use of colour, vibrancy, and strong contrast, resulting in a unique aesthetic that, at first sight, can seem eccentric and messy. In professional hands, however, it can look amazing and in order.

Accent pieces and art

To avoid your rooms looking dull, you can add an accent in the shape of statement pieces that will draw attention with other elements in the room complimenting it. The best way to do this is to add artwork to the wall or a sculpture.

Big paintings on the wall will give the room a strong character and make the visitors see your personality and taste in a new way. This is the best way to make rooms in your house reflect yourself and be authentic in a way that no other house can have.

Blurred lines between outdoors and indoors

Singapore weather is perfect for connecting the outside garden with the indoors of your house. You can do this by adding patterns to curtains and other textiles in the house similar to the plants outside.

Terraces and patios also can act as a gradual connection between these two parts of the property. Outdoor furniture such as hammocks, lounge chairs, fire pits, and coffee tables can all make the inside of the home come out to fresh air and blur the lines.

As we bring the inside outside in the same way, we can also do the opposite. Bring in the plants you would normally keep outside in the big pots.

Small lemon or banana trees and bamboo trees bring nature into your home and, on rainy days, make you feel like you are outside in fine weather.

Bring the light into your home

Of course, we cannot replace the sun, but with a mixture of different types of lighting, we can enhance the atmosphere and set the mood of the room. Chandeliers can be used both as luxurious and elegant accent pieces and as a glorious light source in the living room.

In private rooms, we need an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, so we use a combination of wall lighting and standing lamps with dimmed lighting to achieve this aesthetic and mood.


So, as you can see, landed interior design offers countless choices for creating a heaven in your home.

We hope that these lessons and ideas will tickle your creative mind and help you come up with amazing ideas for renovating your landed house so that it is cosy and elegant.

Of course, if you need help, there are always interior designers who can help you achieve your goals. So make sure to communicate your ideas and wishes clearly, and we are certain that you will get the results your home deserves.

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