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How to Create a Functional Condominium Interior Design in Singapore 2024

How to Create a Functional Condominium Interior Design in Singapore 2024

Living in a condominium offers numerous advantages, from accessible social amenities to a bustling community. However, most Singaporeans who live in a condo struggle with one thing: how to create a functional condominium interior design.

The most basic existing challenge they usually have is the limited space that they have to deal with as they try to create a functional ‘condo’ interior design.

In this text, we’ll give you tips on creating a functional interior design for condominiums in Singapore.

Understanding Condominium Living in Singapore

First, we need to shed some light on Singapore’s condominium lifestyle.

It is characterised by modern amenities, security, and a sense of community. Also, it is important to understand that residents are allowed limited space (within their block). Life in the condos of Singapore is also spiced with rules imposed by management committees —allegedly for a peaceful and orderly area of residence.

To the committee members, it’s a duty to ensure it is safe and organised. On the other hand, for the residents, it’s a place where they can hide away from the unattractive city life and its noise.

They therefore make it a point for interior design to balance with their needed comfort and style.

Preparing for the Design Process

Before you start off on your interior design project, there are many assessments you need to do, such as:

  • The number of occupants;
  • Their daily routines;
  • Your needs;
  • Your lifestyle;
  • Your budget;
  • Any general and specific requirements for the condo.

Some quick questions, are you a young professional seeking a minimalist home? Or a new family in need of flexible spaces for work and play?

Understanding these factors will help shape your kitchen design decisions and ensure a successful result that will align with your lifestyle and choices.

How to Create a Functional Condominium Kitchen Interior Design

You can make your kitchen very ventilated even if you live in mass-market condos in Bishan and Choa Chu Kang.

Also, you can make it classy like one living in a mid-market condo with fancy tennis courts and saunas on the East Coast or Novena.

Are you not sure which condo interior design ideas to go for? Check out these tips below:

Go for Light and Bright Colors

Starting with what you have is one of the best pieces of advice ever given. However, in small spaces like one-bedroom condominiums, dull, dark hues can make kitchens feel cramped.

See what you should do instead: go for white or neutral walls and consider using glass panels as dividers to maximize light throughout your home’s interior.

Take Lighting Serious

Many Singaporeans make the common mistake of relying on just one lighting source per room. This pattern can leave dark corners in the kitchen and make the house feel smaller.

You can install lighting on your walls and ceilings to spread light evenly. Now, it will look like you have more space in your kitchen, even if you don’t have one.

Take the “Less is More” Approach

Reduce excess cluttering by getting rid of items you rarely use.  This move can help you to open up space and focus on essential pieces.

Adopt space-saving solutions like cabinets with hidden pulls and concealed appliances. With them, you can maintain a clean and spacious feel.

Get a Pop-Up Dining Space

If your space is limited, opt for a retractable dining table. That way, it can be easily kept away from sight when not in use. It will create much flexibility, especially for residents who eat out a lot.

Employ Tonal Color Spread

You can repaint walls and flooring with tonal colours, such as bright, calming whites. These colors can make your kitchen look spacious to visitors and create a serene atmosphere.

Avoid wallpaper with multiple colours. It’s advisable to stick to a uniform color scheme to maintain simplicity and efficiency in design.

Keep It Simple

You can incubate a warm and inviting atmosphere by arranging stylish furniture and accessories.

You can add some new and unique touches like raw brick walls (have you seen anything like it before?) or bold-coloured dividers to sprinkle your personality into your space without overwhelming it.

Use Mirrors

Does this sound strange? It may, but you have seen mirrors in people’s houses and it has an effect on the visitor and owner of the house as well.

The use of mirrors strategically to reflect natural light creates the illusion of larger spaces.

You can place your mirrors adjacent to windows to amplify natural light and make rooms appear wider.

Tap Inspiration from Japanese Aesthetics

Do you see the royalty of the typical modern Japanese housing setup?

You can adopt it when you embrace pale wood cabinetry, light brown flooring, and retractable screens to create a quiet atmosphere in your condominium interior design.

Add Hide-and-Seek Elements

Not all storage solutions are huge shelves or boxes that will try to take up all the spaces in your kitchen.

You can use hidden compartments throughout your home to declutter and improve functionality. This will keep your space organised and visually appealing both to yourself and to your visitors.

Keep Storage Compartments By The Side

You can control more space in your condo by packing your storage compartments to the sides. This will give your apartment a clean and organised appearance and, at the same time, maximise your kitchen’s storage capacity.

Invest in Extra Storage Space

You can turn your walls and vertical surfaces into additional storage areas.  But how can you do that??

To increase the space available in your room, you can start by shelving, getting sliding storage compartments, and folding furniture. To make the process seamless, you can use experts in Singapore, like Kitchenate, to handle this for you.

Take the ‘Vertical’ space route.

You can improve your storage space by using ceilings and vertical surfaces for storage solutions, such as hanging pots and pans.

You can also take a step further by installing shelves above door frames.

5Key Elements of Functional Condominium Interior Design

Some elements must be integrated  into your condominium interior design, and they include:

  • Space Planning;
  • Storage Solutions;
  • Multi-functional Furniture;
  • Lighting;
  • Colour.

You can improve the functionality and visual appeal of your condo interior through thoughtful space planning, storage solutions, multipurpose furniture choices, and good lighting setup, among others.

Creating a functional condominium interior design in Singapore calls for thoughtful planning, creativity, and attention to detail.

By understanding the challenges you have as well as opportunities presented by condominium living, you can change your space into a stylish corner that reflects your lifestyle and personality.


Think about partnering with professionals to bring your vision of a sleek home to life. With the right approach and choices, your condominium can become a perfect reflection of urban living at its finest.

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